发布 2021年10月18日

在10月. 9堪萨斯报业协会主席在牛顿的晚会, four new members were inducted into the Kansas Newspaper 名人堂’s Class of 2021.


• The late 劳埃德Ballhagen, a former Harris Enterprises executive.

• 罗克珊娜Hegeman, long-time Associated Press correspondent in the Wichita bureau.

• 乔尔·克拉森, former owner of the Hillsboro Free Press and Kansas Publishing Ventures.

汤姆•屠杀, former AP bureau chief and later executive director of the Inland Press Association.



巴尔哈根是南达科他人,曾在美国服役.S. 海军陆战队.

他毕业于南达科塔大学, 他是校报的编辑吗, 的Valante.

In 1958, he was chosen for Harris Enterprises’ executive intern program.

经过四年的训练, he was named editor and publisher of the Spencer (Iowa) Daily Reporter and Sunday Times.

In 1970, 他被任命为《manbetx官方电脑版》的编辑和出版人, 为哈里斯新买的一份报纸.

While in Hays, he was appointed assistant to the president of the Harris group, Peter McDonald.

1978年,他被任命为哈里斯总统. At the time, the company owned 11 daily newspapers and 13 radio stations.

He became president and CEO in 1984 and chairman of the board and CEO in 1992. 他于1997年退休.

Ballhagen served as chairman of the KPTS Channel 8 board of trustees for two years, 并在董事会工作了20年. 除了, he was chairman of the Reno County Chapter of the American Red Cross for two years, 也是里诺县历史学会的副会长. He also served as a board member of the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center for six years, 在建造第一个主要设施的过程中.





这是她担任美联社威奇托记者的第一天, 海斯维尔附近的德布鲁斯电梯爆炸了.

Her stories through the years also included extensive coverage of the BTK killings, 这是一场旷日持久的堕胎之争,最终导致了约翰逊医生被谋杀. George Tiller and the tornadoes that ripped through Haysville and Greensburg.

罗克珊娜·佩雷斯出生在哈瓦那, but immigrated to the United States as a young child with her parents in 1960 following the Cuban revolution.

在埃尔帕索的德克萨斯大学上学时, she was named the “Outstanding  Woman in College Journalism” by the Texas Press Women. She graduated with a degree in journalism in 1976 and later met and married Douglas Hegeman.

在《manbetx官方电脑版》工作了一段时间, she and her husband founded the Belgrade (Montana) Independent Press, where the Hegemans handled every facet of publication from typesetting to advertising and subscription sales and bookkeeping. 他们精疲力竭,1982年卖掉了这份获奖的报纸.

作为专题编辑在德克萨斯州的敖德萨停留了一段时间, 赫曼夫妇想念蒙大拿,回到了波兹曼, 她在那里报道政府和农业长达六年. 搬到休休尼后, 爱达荷州, she landed her dream job as a newswoman at the AP bureau in New Orleans in 1994.


她本人是一名私人飞行员,曾是蒙大拿州的业余农民, the thought of working in the nation’s aviation hub and in an agricultural area appealed to her.

当她的采访请求没有得到回复时, she told chief of bureau Paul Stevens the AP would be hard-pressed to find another reporter for that job “who could fly a plane and milk a cow.”




They have three grown children: Aaron, Eric and Sarah, and four grandchildren.


As a teenager, Klaassen helped run the presses for the late Bud Bruce at the Hillsboro Star-Journal.

当时我还是堪萨斯大学的学生, he translated the knowledge and experience he gained at the Star-Journal into a job with the university’s press department and was associated with the University Daily Kansan.

他后来加入了《manbetx官方电脑版》, an upstart newspaper that challenged the domination of the Wichita Eagle for a time.

He and Don Ratzlaff joined forces to introduce the Hillsboro Free Press in 1998, 一份免费的全面报道市场的报纸.

克拉森不仅仅因为他的报纸事业而出名. 为他的生意增加收入, 他创办了一家图书出版公司, 源直接打印, where he helped people from all around the world get their projects into print.

He also used his printing connections to start a marketing company years before others were advocating for newspapers to do so. The Free Press has helped customers with custom design and printing for years.

In 2014, 克拉森把他的多数股权卖给了乔伊·杨, 他现在是堪萨斯报业协会的前任主席.

He and his wife, Nancy, have two children, Amy and Dan, and two grandchildren.



Slaughter’s career has spanned from being an Associated Press correspondent and AP executive to his leadership of the Inland Press Association and its foundation.

He began his newspaper career in 1973 as a reporter in AP’s Topeka bureau, 报道堪萨斯州立法机构和州政府.

在离开托皮卡, Slaughter covered legislatures in several states including South Dakota, 科罗拉多州, 怀俄明和佛罗里达.

Slaughter joined AP’s headquarters staff in 1990, after serving as AP bureau chief in Newark, N.J.西雅图,. 他担任过一系列的行政职务, including vice president and director of strategic planning for the international news agency.

在他担任战略规划总监期间, 美联社现代化了它的照片传输系统, 收购了一家国际电视公司, 并成立了新媒体部门.

他后来担任AP Digital的主管, 新媒体市场副总裁, 美国大学副校长.S. 报纸的市场.

Slaughter became executive director of the Inland Press Association and Inland Press Foundation in 2011. The association, founded in 1875, had nearly 1,000 daily and weekly newspaper members.

Slaughter remained executive director of the foundation following the 2019 merger of the Inland Press Association and the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association.

The foundation became wholly independent following the merger and continues to support newspaper-focused training and programs through a grant agreement with America’s Newspapers, IPA和SNPA的继承者.

他的成绩是B.S. in journalism from the University of Kansas and an MBA in finance from City University of Seattle.

He and his wife, Pam, live in Lawrence and have two grown children, and three grandchildren.